Vocalist - SongWriter - Cellist
Voice Coach 

Crystal Bowl Sound Journeys  

Freestyle Circle Holder

From within the woods of Salt Spring Island emerges a Songstress named Trisha Spire. With cello, vocal harmonies, keyboard and loop pedal, Trisha leads an evocative journey of connection with ancestry, the natural world and our shared heart. A unique fusion of live and electronic instrumentation. Within her community she holds free-style singing workshops, crystal bowl sound journeys and teaches voice lessons. Trisha encourages the true song crafter to emerge in all of us.

Trisha was born in Chatham Ontario, and began her technical studies with voice at age 6 through choir. Soon after moving to BC with her mother at age 12, she enrolled herself in singing lessons. Trisha played in multiple bands beginning with a metal band in her high school career. She studied classical and jazz vocals at the Victoria Conservatory of Music. She began learning cello in 2017 and devotes every morning to their life long partnership.

Trisha's choice to follow her voice and honour the song that sings her has guided her along an initiatory path... Her songs are prayers of a deeply listening heart. Trisha translates messages gifted from animal allies, the elements, and insights from the sub and collective conscious. As a second generation hypnotist to an RCH, Trisha continues to learn the healing potential of a genuinely captivating musical experience.  

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