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"Ember Dawning visited me in dream time last night. To leave it short, it was spine tingling & buzzing in my veins. I may not have Celtic ancestry (to my knowledge) but there is a cellular memory that pulses through me when I experience this song. It nearly brings tears to my eyes, goose bumps, and has me singing. The kids go quiet in the car when it comes on & I sing along. I love this song. It truly resonates so deeply in my heart. Thank you"
-Maya Ushikubo

"Absolutely haunting, gorgeous, eclectic offerings from this one. Her music leaves her mark on the souls of the audience, stunning their breath away, and inviting their ear drums to a dance both new, old, and strangely familiar. Witches brew via sound waves."
-Mya Wilson/ Apple Cat


I offer my heart

to yours through the language of music. With voice and cello I weave songs harvested from the natural world and the sub and collective consciousness, curating live music performances. 
I hold crystal bowl sound baths, women's circles for song and free-styling, and one-on-one voice lessons.
  ~Music is my greatest Love to which I devote my life.~

"For the past couple of months Ive been experiencing a block with my art of dance. No matter what, I haven't been able to move. This morning, listening to your song was the first time Ive been able to dance!!! Clearly I was putting on the wrong music for myself. Thank you for that gift!"
-Alex Papy
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