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Utilizing my background as a voice student of 26 years, professional performing Singer/ Songwriter, Certified Hypnotist, Sound Journey Facilitator and women's vocal free-style circle holder;
I offer what I've learned
 and what I intuit in a comprehensive and adaptive vocal journey.
An empowering, enriching relationship with your

voice, and as your voice is
awaiting your nurturance. I would be honoured to walk with you on your journey of discovery. 

Wish to speak with me directly first?


Qristine Hvartan

"I’ve benefited greatly learning with Trisha…learned what I have been doing improperly all these years, why my throat would close and I would barely be able to squeak out a sound. 

I love to sing and it has been a sad thing to feel like I didn’t have any control over my voice…she now has had me belting out songs that I thought were way out of the scope of possibility for me. 

She has the knowledge to guide you where you want to go of this I’m sure." 


-Qristine Hrvatin

Paya Wittwer

"I gained more self-confidence with my voice. I felt empowered the way Trisha encouraged me and supported me in my voice. She gave me permission to go to places with my voice, I would not have felt confident. She has amazing skills to teach the voice’s anatomy, which helps so much, to sing even better. Being taught by such an amazing singer not only brings joy and satisfaction, it also improved my singing skills a lot! So grateful. I can definitely recommend Trisha as your voice teacher. She is awesome! And always time for some laughter in between, so appreciate her. "

Nicki Pepper J.

"I was gifted Trisha’s lessons at a time where I was newly developing as a musical artist, and I could not have received a more perfect gift. I was just staring to discover my voice and Trisha gave me the tools and confidence to dive deeper. 

She incorporates both body and spirit to uproot the authentic voice we all contain deep within. Trisha was able to present practices specifically a-tuned to my voice for me to take on my musical journey that will last a lifetime. 

Expanding my voice has brought me closer to the trueness of who I am and I am so grateful for teachers such as Trisha for illuminating the pathway through art and the heart. 

I highly recommend Trisha as your guide if you are interested in evolving as an artist lead by a true master of her craft, you will grow through your voice and discover the hidden potential within that’s waiting to be revealed." 

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